June 2020 Blogposts

June 1st

Can't believe it's June already! We went to the beach and paddleboarded yesterday- that was pretty fun. We also got burgers and I got to try Teddy's veggie burger. It was very good. On a current note, I updated the layout of the website and added a whole new public section for recipes! I made fried bananas for everyone for dessert today, and they were very well-received. Since Grammy requested me to share the recipe, I thought I might as well add it to the list here. Not sure if there's anything else to say- I also have a killer headache, so that'll be all for now. Bye!

June 6th

Not much has been happening lately, besides the protests and riots and such. I really am losing hope in the government and police force- but I'll spare the depressing political/social issue talk. I've been really working on learning how to make web pages look better with css, rather than doing everything in html, which makes it a million times easier. If you haven't noticed, the website has changed quite a bit since I've been learning how to code everything better and better! On another note, I heard a small bit from the news and it seems that some states have lifted COVID 19 related restrictions due to everything going on- no one's really following them anyway. I worry that all the protesting will cause spikes in corona cases. 2020 has been...crazy to say the least. I think there are gonna be a lot of history textbooks on this year and time period. Crazy to think about how we are literally living through the things that future students will learn about and study at school, and take tests on and such. Absolutely mind-blowing. Actually, in my history class last year, my teacher showed us a diagram of this one cycle that nations go through basically, and after some digging, i found exactly what i'm looking for.

We talked about this briefly in social studies last year and so basically, I remembered that after revolution comes liberty. I then remembered that my teacher had said that this cycle takes about 200 years to complete and since the U.S. is about 240 something years old, we have yet to reach the second revolution stage, with the last one being the Revolutionary War, I assume. So, perhaps this chaos is the start of something new, and it maybe will end in liberty after all? As of 2013, most people believed we were somewhere at the end of dependence, while others thought we were more towards the end of tyranny. It sure seems like the revolution has begun. We'll just have to see what unfolds with time.